What Is Personal Banking?

Personal Banking is a term that encompasses a wide range of services and products offered by banks to consumers. This includes savings and transaction accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.

The term “personal banking” is often used interchangeably with the term “retail banking.” This can be confusing, as it’s easy to misinterpret the terms. However, it’s important to remember that retail banking is the services and products that you need for everyday use—such as checking and saving accounts, mortgages and loans.

Keeping track of your money is critical to financial success and security. Banks offer online and mobile banking solutions that make it easy to manage your finances and get the information you need when you need it.

If you need help, most banks have customer service representatives available to answer your questions and provide assistance. Many also have a dedicated online chat service or email address where you can contact them directly.

A Personal Banking Account is a great way to start managing your finances. It gives you the flexibility to access your funds anytime, anywhere and offers a variety of features, including online bill pay, direct deposit and check verification.

It also provides you with the security of a brick-and-mortar bank. That’s because online banking is protected by encryption, timed log outs and multiple authentication processes.

When choosing an online bank, you’ll want to consider its customer service, fees, and interest rates. Several online banks offer competitive rates on certificates of deposit (CDs), savings and money market accounts.

Most online banks are also less cumbersome to use than traditional banks. Some also allow you to deposit cash at their ATMs and send money to friends or family members via e-mail.

You can also set up alerts and watch for suspicious activity. This can help you quickly identify and report unauthorized transactions, such as a change in account balance or a fraudulent check.

If you’re looking for a place to start, browse our financial education center full of articles that will help you better understand your finances and how to best manage them. We also have a team of bankers who can answer your questions and guide you in making sound financial decisions for your future.

We’re more than just a bank—we’re a community bank with a local commitment to your area. That means we can help you plan for the future and build your wealth, starting right here in your neighborhood.

Our bankers are friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll work with you to determine what kind of accounts and services are the best fit for your needs, then guide you in opening them.

They can also help you open a line of credit for a home or business, help with insurance and more. They can also answer your questions about credit card transactions and offer advice about retirement savings and investment options.

Depending on the type of account you open, you might also have access to a wealth management service. These include retirement planning and investments, estate and tax preparation, and other services that will assist you in achieving your financial goals.