What Are Panel Doors?

A panel door is a style of interior door. It consists of central panels that are made of a sculpted polyurethane material. It can have a variety of construction methods. The design of panel doors depends on many factors, including the number of panels, stiles and rails, and wood.

Stiles and rails

Panel doors can have several different types of stiles and rails. They can be flat or raised and are connected to the frame using dowels. These doors can be either fire-rated or non-fire-rated, depending on their design. Stiles and rails are also available in combination styles, enabling the doors to be made with different materials and styles.

Using stiles and rails can create a stunning and unique look for your panel doors. These doors are a great choice for either interior or exterior entryways. They’re durable, beautiful, and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They are also a wise investment for anyone who loves quality doors.

Wooden panels

Wooden panel doors are available in various types, designs, and styles. You can choose one that matches the décor of your room and choose a stain, paint, or clear finish. Some types feature molded paneling, while others feature a textured surface. The cost of a panel door will depend on its style and finish.

Wooden panel doors can be found in both interior and exterior applications. They are generally constructed from two wood pieces, called stiles and rails. The stiles and rails are joined together at the perpendicular junction, creating panels. This style of door also features a profile cut into the inside edge of the outside face.

Number of panels

The number of panels on a panel door is determined by the overall size of the frame and how the panels are arranged. The arrangement of panels in a door can either be plain or have a more elaborate look. For example, a rustic door with arched panels and plank detailing adds visual interest. Various materials are used for panel exterior doors.

The most common design is the six-panel style, but you can also find doors with one or two panels. Each panel can be raised or recessed. Panel doors can also be more rigid than single-panel doors.

Construction methods

Construction methods for panel doors differ based on the width of the panel. Typically, the panels are made slightly smaller than the opening, and are captured in a rabbet cut in the rear inside edge of the frame members. This allows for expansion and contraction of wood across the grain. For example, a wide panel made of solid wood may change in width by up to half an inch, and this oak doors sale could cause the door frame to warp. On the other hand, a panel made of a thinner material would expand without damaging the door. To compensate for expansion and contraction, the typical door panel would leave 1/4″ (5.5 mm) of space from the bottom of the groove.

The finished door is made of a relatively thin layer of plywood or polyvinyl chloride film. The outer layer of plywood sheet 40 is cut out in general conformity with the opening of the door frame. At the same time, the central portion of the plywood sheet is routed out, simulating the appearance of the peripheral molding strips.


The cost of panel doors can vary widely, depending on their style and material. In general, they’re inexpensive, but there are some factors to consider before you make your purchase. For instance, there are many different types of panel doors, so it’s important to consider the materials and finishes that you choose.

Panel doors are often made of solid wood, which costs more to manufacture than hollow core doors. If you choose to purchase a solid wood panel door, expect to pay an extra $200-$400 for the installation. But, keep in mind that you can often get the same look with a hollow core door for around $100.