The Best Storage Services For Macs

The Best Storage Services For Macs

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If you are looking to back up your data, you will want to use storage services. There are many options available, and the ones I recommend the most are Amazon Elastic File System, Cloueka, and Hitachi Data Systems. These are all great services that can help you store your data securely and in one location. There are also many cloud services that provide this service, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Just remember that you’ll be paying for the storage space you use, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the most value for your money.

Cloud storage

The concept of cloud storage originated during the 1960s, when computer scientist Dr. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider introduced a system that offered users the ability to store small amounts of data in the cloud. By the mid-1990s, AT&T had launched the first web storage service. The concept of cloud storage has evolved into an industry in its own right, with dozens of providers on the market. Many cloud storage services are aimed at different businesses and individual users.

A cloud storage service works on a client-server model, wherein a client sends a request to a cloud provider, which then responds with a response. The main benefit of using cloud storage is the scalability and flexibility of their services. Several leading use cases are backup, disaster recovery, collaboration, file sharing, and primary data storage. There are several types of cloud storage, including public and private, and each serves a specific purpose.


You might have heard of iDrive’s secure online storage services, but you may not know that it is also available for Macs. IDrive’s encryption standard is 256-bit, which is as good as any available on the market. Using this standard, you can rest assured that your data is safe and can only be accessed by you. In case of a breach, you can get the encryption key from iDrive or hand it over to law enforcement. If you’re concerned about security, you can get a free account on iDrive, but there are also many restrictions.

iDrive allows users to backup unlimited devices. You can even back up data from networked drives. You can manage your devices with ease, thanks to its web portal. You can customize notifications and set automatic backups. You can even set up the system to automatically back up different categories of items every day. However, you should be aware that iDrive will consume more CPU power if you use it for backups. This may prevent you from making a complete backup.

Hitachi Data Systems

The culture of Hitachi Data Systems is influenced by the company’s founding values, such as Wa (harmony), Makoto (“integrity”), and Kaitakusha-seishin (“pioneering spirit”). The company is also recognized by Ethisphere Magazine as one of the most ethical companies in the world. It maintains active CSR programs and works with affiliated Hitachi companies to support philanthropic enterprises worldwide. Hitachi also uses Hitachi data protection software to manage backups and snapshots.

Vantara is the company’s next-generation storage foundation. It consists of the company’s latest enterprise-class storage array, updated Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System, and Hitachi Ops Center management software. The combination of these components can accelerate workloads in the data center and deliver future-proof IT. Hitachi Vantara is a next-generation storage solution that combines a virtualization platform, cloud-based management tools, and more.