The Beatles are widely considered to be one of the greatest rock bands ever

The Beatles are widely considered to be one of the greatest rock bands ever. Their songs are covered by many artists and can be heard all over the world. They have inspired numerous television shows, movies and musicals. They have also spawned many tribute acts. Some of these tributes are very good, while others are just awful. The best beatles cover band is the group that can most accurately recreate the sound of The Fab Four.

A good tribute band will have several look a like members and each member will be an excellent singer and musician. They will also have an extensive wardrobe of costumes that they wear during performances. They will also have authentic instruments that were used by the Fab Four. This will include the black and white Rickenbacker guitars that John Lennon played, the light blue Fender Stratocaster that George Harrison played and a Hofner violin bass that Paul McCartney used. They will also use a mellotron to replicate the sounds of strings that were used in the original recordings.

When the Beatles stopped performing as a group in 1969, it left the door open for countless tribute bands to keep Beatlemania alive. Some of these tributes are better than others, but all of them try to reproduce the unique sound of The Beatles. Some of these groups have even gone as far as to release actual albums with music that is reminiscent of the classic Beatles recordings.

Whether you are looking for a Beatles tribute band to play at your next event or just want to listen to some of their music, here are a few of the better ones that are out there today. The Fab Faux is a New York based Beatles tribute band. The band features a full horn section and sells out venues such as the Bowery Ballroom and Webster Hall in their native city. The Fab Faux have been featured on several television shows including Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The Reunion Beatles are another Beatles tribute band that is getting better all the time. They have an interesting concept that revolves around a imagined reunion of the Beatles and they do a lot of music from the Beatles solo careers as well. The Day Trippers are a great Beatles tribute from Canada. Their lead singer Javier Parisi has an uncanny resemblance to John Lennon and they do a good job of recreating the sound of The Beatles.

Ticket to Ride is another good Beatles tribute band from California. Their drummer Jimmy Pou has a great voice and is an excellent guitarist. The brothers from Argentina, The Beatles, are worth checking out as well. Their John, Javier Parisi, has an uncanny resemblance and they are very talented musicians. They are a little more polished than the other bands on this list but they do an excellent job of recreating the sound of The Fab Four.