Shariah-Compliant Online Nikah

If you want to perform an online nikah, you need two witnesses and an experienced lawyer. You also need to know the legality and cost of an online nikah. Fortunately, there are many legal services that perform shari’ah-compliant nikahs on the Internet.

Two witnesses are required for a shari’ah-compliant nikah

In order to get married in a Shariah-compliant manner online, you will need to provide two witnesses. These witnesses must be Muslims from both the bride and the groom’s family, and they must have British passports. You should also make sure that the witnesses have no immigration restrictions. If the witnesses are not present, the Imam conducting the ceremony may call on the guardians of the bride and groom. However, if these guardians are not present, the Qadhi will still conduct the marriage, and it is regarded as a valid marriage.

Traditionally, a marriage is not considered valid unless both parties consent. Because of this, Islam requires that the couple meet before the Nikah and have at least two witnesses to witness the marriage. The witnesses are typically a man and a woman. The bride can be present at the meeting, but is not expected to be present.

An experienced lawyer is a must for an online nikah

An online nikah is a delicate affair and it is vital to have an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. Not only does it involve the laws of two different countries, but it also involves preparing documents for a foreign state. Making mistakes can lead to the invalidation of the marriage.

A lawyer who understands the intricacies of Islamic law is essential for an online nikah. Although an Islamic nikah is legally binding, it does not have the same legal value as a Registry marriage. This online nikah loophole allows some people to abuse the process.


The trend of online marriage has grown in Pakistan. It is common nowadays and is as legal as a traditional court marriage. It is an excellent option for couples who do not live near their respective places and cannot travel to perform the ceremony in person. Moreover, it also saves time and money.

Online marriage is a blessing for the Muslim community. It helps enhance inter-religious relations and encourages Muslims from different countries to join hands. It is an excellent way to meet other people from other parts of the world and share common interests.

Cost of a shari’ah-compliant nikah

The cost of a shari’ah compliant online nikah will vary, depending on which venue you choose and what services you need. An office in London, for example, will charge PS200 for a shari’ah-compliant online nikah, and a deposit of PS150 must be paid a week before the date of the nikah. Outside the London area, the cost will start at around PS300, but increases based on distance. Similarly, the cost of Shariah verification will add another PS200 to the total cost.