Choosing Thunder Trucks For Your Skateboard

Thunder trucks have been a staple in the skateboard industry for over 20 years. Their renowned quality and lightweight skate trucks have been featured in a wide variety of skateboards from the likes of Ishod Wair, Jamie Foy and Tyshawn Jones.

Skateboard trucks are the heart of your skateboard — they control how you turn, ollie and grind, translating your movements into smooth, precise movements. A good set of skate trucks will last a lifetime and are worth the investment.

Choosing the right truck for your skateboarding needs can be tricky and requires some research on what is best for you, your board and your style. To help you out we have put together a guide to choosing the right skateboard trucks, including information on different sizing and heights, weights and materials.

Size and Height

The first thing you will need to know is what size of truck you need. Most of the time a high truck will be considered to be on the higher end while low trucks will be considered lower and mid-high trucks will be somewhere in between.

Most people will choose a high truck because they are usually more stable and allow for better wheel contact with the ground. You will also have more room to move on the board and can do more advanced tricks with a higher truck.

Some people also like the way lower trucks feel. This is because they are generally more sensitive and able to react more quickly to your movements, especially when it comes to turning or ollieing.

If you are a beginner and don’t have any experience riding a skateboard, then it is a good idea to choose low trucks. These will give you a more loose ride and allow for more space to maneuver on the board, but they may not be as responsive as higher trucks.

You can also choose to get a mid-high truck which is between high and low trucks, although most people will not prefer this. The difference is usually between 7-8 inches and 5-6 inches for high and low trucks, respectively.

Lights and Titanium trucks

Some skateboarders will prefer to use lighter trucks to cut down on weight but still have the durability and stability they need for skateboarding. This is often done by using a lighter material for the truck, as well as hollow axles and kingpins.

While these thunder bay used trucks are a bit lighter than others on the market, they still come with a super strong baseplate and a durable hanger. The light material is also shock-absorbent, which helps prevent your board from cracking when it hits hard surfaces.

These 143mm polished team trucks are designed for anyone skating a 7.4’’ wide deck or smaller. With the quick turning geometry you’ve come to love from Thunder, these trucks are perfect for cruising and grinding.

They are guaranteed for life and 100% team backed by Ishod Wair, Jamie Foy, Tyshawn Jones and more!